Loans to Invest

Looking to borrow to make an investment? Money Warehouse can advise on options for investing in property or the share market.

One of the safest investments you can make is to buy a property. If owning your home is the great Australian dream, then buying a property is the great Australian investment.

Money Warehouse can help you build your assets by using the equity in your own home for an investment property loan. SECURITY is important if you are using your home as equity, so consider these questions if you’re thinking about INVESTMENT LOANS.

  • Do you have good equity in your home or own it outright?
  • Do you have a solid income?
  • Are you happy with long term capital growth, rather than immediate returns?
  • Do you prefer a strong investment doesn’t demand specialised knowledge or constant supervision?

If you’ve answered YES to one or more of these, then you should contact us!

Investing in bricks and mortar is a solid and stable investment loan option. You can rent out your investment properties to ‘self support’ them as your capital grows. There are some tax incentives and advantages, including negative gearing and you don’t have to constantly surpervise your investment.     

Looking for opportunities in the markets, but don’t have available funds? Take the time to look at Investment Loans for shares.

Margin Lending is an investment loan that is best if you have a good understanding of financial markets.  Money Warehouse can show you a wide variety of loans, with margin lending allowing investors to borrow up to 80% of the value of a range of about 1,500 recognised shares, managed funds and installment warrants. The loan is secured against other assets, cash or other investments in your portfolio but allows you the capital to maximize your potential returns. There’s the opportunity for big returns, but be aware that if losses happen then a MARGIN CALL is made and you’ll need to have funds to repay the loan… often on very short notice.  

Line of credit is another type of loan that allows you to buy shares with less risk, using the equity in your home or property to buy shares. The advantage of this is that if the shares lose value you can ‘ride out’ the losses as you don’t have to sell them. For a long term investor this means you can hold onto them until they regain their value, without risk to your equity.

Here are some questions you should think about when deciding what investment loan is best for you:

  • Is your disposable income relatively high and reasonably secure?
  • Are you seeking short, medium or long-term gains?
  • Are you prepared to take greater risks for the chance to receive greater gains… or do you want to have more security in being able to ‘ride out’ share losses?
  • Do you have a sound knowledge of the share market or, at the very least, have reliable advisors?

Your answers could mean that a Line Of Credit or Margin Lending – or a combination of both – are appropriate for you. Whatever your choice in investment loan for share markets contact Money Warehouse. We can help you decide what is the best opportunity and most suitable for you.

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