Seniors / Non-conforming Loans and Bad Credit

Money Warehouse can offer a range of loans for a wide variety of circumstances

After a lifetime of hard work, why should your retirement be a struggle – especially when you’ve done all the right things?

As a ‘senior’ you might have found that Social Security and even superannuation are just not enough. But loan options can be hard to find when you’re over 60. You want to enjoy the coming years without thinking about money problems, but how do you do that with no prospect of extra income? There are answers.

Money Warehouse can offer you options such as equity release and reverse mortgages. These are a way of turning your assets into a better standard of living – without putting them at risk in your lifetime.

You might own your house or have a high level of equity in the property. Why not turn that into a resource for a more comfortable retirement… without the risk of losing everything? A reverse mortgage makes money available to you NOW, using your home as equity. The good thing about these loans is that the title of the property stays in your name and you can continue to live in your home for as long as you like. The other good news is that we can advise you so that this type of loan does not effect your pension. There are no payments to be made – with the settlement of the loan taking place only when you decide to sell or the last surviving borrower passes away. This can also apply for any other property you own or have a large amount of equity in. Working closely with our Seniors Representatives and CentreLink, we can work through loan alternatives that will not effect your pension. It’s a ‘Lifetime Seniors Loan’ that gives you the extra money for a more comfortable retirement.

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Sometimes when times are tough you can’t get the financial help you need. Why not contact us to find out about Non-Conforming Loans for Bad Credit situations?
A bad credit record should not be the end of the road for your financial future. There are options for no financials loans so you can rebuild and re-establish your credit rating, as well as getting the loan you need to achieve your goals. You might think that you don’t have the credit record that meets the standard requirements to get a loan. Money Warehouse can give you some no financials loan alternatives!

If you answer YES to any of these questions and need a loan, then you need to get in touch to discuss our No Financials Loans:

  • You have a bad credit rating or a poor credit history.
  • You can’t provide proof of income.
  • You have no financials.
  • You have limited savings.
  • You’ve been rejected by other lenders.
  • You have no history of credit or any permanent employment.
  • You are self-employed and not in the position to substantiate your income.
  • You are a former bankrupt.

By establishing your circumstances, available security and ability to make repayments there are some options we can explore together. These include ‘Second Chance’ Home Loans of up to 97% of the purchase value. Refinancing or debt consolidation to get you out of a bad situation. Plus Lo Doc or No Doc Loans for business, investment or personal finance. Take advantage of a ‘second chance’ – contact Money Warehouse today!

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