Loan Protection Insurance

Taking out a major loan is one of the most important financial commitments you’ll make. But what happens if illness or accident occurs? What if your income – and the ability to pay back your loan – is effected? Do you have a backup plan?

Money Warehouse can help with LOAN INSURANCE – the best safety net for your financial well being!

There’s never a good time for illness, accident or death to occur. The effects can be devastating – especially if you have the added burden of a major loan. Imagine dealing with illness or accident while knowing that you have also been deprived of the income that pays your loan. How would you meet the monthly repayments? Loan insurance is the answer. It offers you peace of mind for troubled times, because even when things are difficult it gives you the ability to meet your loan repayments.


You can take out cover that protects you in the case of death, accident or 11 instances of illness. Cover includes:

  • Death benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • Coverage for debilitating diseases such as dementia, cancer, bypass surgery, heart attack, kidney failure, paralysis, severe burns, stroke, deafness, blindness and loss of independent existence.

Whether it’s for a mortgage, business loan or personal loan … loan insurance makes sense.

Money Warehouse can help you apply in just 10 minutes. There are no medicals, you can obtain cover even if you have suffered from serious illness or injury in the past and you can adjust the cover to suit your needs. The key here is PEACE OF MIND and FLEXIBILITY. You can also insure two people if that is best for your loan situation.

Once your application has been accepted you will receive 3 MONTHS FREE COVER while you evaluate your needs. If in that period you decide you don’t need the insurance then simply cancel it and pay nothing. Otherwise, pay the premiums after that time and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your financial security is protected.

Loan insurance makes sense, protecting your ability to pay your loan should illness, accident or death occur. Contact us by email or call 1300 38 39 40 to find out more.  

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