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Looking to buy or sell a home? Your best source of good financial advice is Money Warehouse.

Buying or selling property? Need bridging finance? Need assistance with a deposit? Not sure how to make your finances work best for you? Money Warehouse has access to a wide range of lenders and can find the right loan for you.

Money Warehouse has the experience to help you make buying and selling easier. Here are some situations we can help you with:

  • Simultaneous Settlement – A great option if it can be co-ordinated, with vendors and buyers of two properties needing to make things happen at the same time and co-ordinate settlement periods. If things go smoothly then the financial side is easier to handle. Money Warehouse can help you plan for the best, but can also be there to help you with bridging loans or other arrangements if something doesn’t go to plan!
  • Bridging Finance – if the sale of one property and the purchase of another is ‘staggered’… if something goes wrong and timing suddenly is out… then Money Warehouse can help you with a range of BRIDGING LOANS. With shorter term arrangements, these take into account the difficulties in buying and selling.  Money Warehouse can source the best bridging finance for you at the best rates.
  • You need the Right Loan – No matter what your situation, you will always be looking for the ‘best fit’ loan. That doesn’t just mean a low interest rate, but also one where the conditions suit your situation best. Money Warehouse can assess your situation and find the right loan for you.

Buying or selling a home means a lot of things need to be done - Money Warehouse can help you at every step!

  • This means finding the right loan for you, not only for purchase of your new home, but for the years to come.
  • This means helping you organise the paperwork for your current loan, a deposit for your new property plus account for any settlement payouts that have to be made.
  • This means highlighting what can be done to make the co-ordination of transactions easier – with fewer headaches for you.
  • Be ready with the bridging finance options in case you need it, so in the short-term you can make settlement on your new property, even if the finalisation on your sale is delayed. 
  • Our wide experience means we can recommend reputable solicitors and conveyances, help organise pest and building reports, advise on insurance, strata checks and more.

Money Warehouse are the experts in brokering quality loans that suit your needs. Buying or selling a property? You should contact us today!

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