Novated Leases

Looking for some options as an employer that reduce your liabilities for company cars? Want some more flexibility for a commercial car fleet? Explore your possibilities with Novated Leases.

Novated leases are ideal for a business climate that is always changing. They mean you can make an arrangement for a company car where – as part of a salary package – the employer accepts the obligation for repayments on a company vehicle. However if the employee leaves, they then accept the burden of the lease.

It’s a flexible financing alternative for your company cars – and Money Warehouse can find you the best lenders and rates.  

The advantages are there for employees:
The lease arrangement is made and even if you change companies the title is in your name: so you take the car with you.  It gives you greater flexibility in choosing what car you want and – if you talk to us and structure your lease correctly – you can also enjoy tax advantages. Novated leases also mean that you are not tied to choosing just one car – they can be structured for the lease of more than one vehicle if that is what you need. As an employee you also know that, as the lease is part of your salary arrangement, your employer takes responsibility for organising repayments while you are with the company.

The advantages are there for employers:
It’s a cost effective way to add value to the remuneration packages you offer – including the advantage of giving greater employee flexibility in the vehicle they choose. It gives you options such as removing the vehicle fleet from your balance sheet – avoiding associated administration and management costs. If an employee leaves then responsibility for the vehicle passes to them.

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