Buying a Commercial or Industrial property

 Ready to buy a commercial property and want the best finances? Need help with negotiations to avoid hidden traps? Talk to Money Warehouse first.

Let Money Warehouse put you in the best position when purchasing commercial or industrial property, whether:

  • A warehouse or factory.
  • A shop or retail outlet.
  • A suite of offices.
  • A building for business or commercial use.

We can find the best rates and best loan for you.

Take advantage of our professional experience to find the property you want and the loan you need. Because finding the best rates is just part of what we will do for you.

When we get together we’ll talk about your commercial property purchase and how it can move you forward:

  • It’s a direct investment in the solidity of your own business
  • Payments contribute to your own equity.
  • Owning your commercial property can make your business more viable.
  • You’ll be building your asset portfolio and increasing options for future purchases and growth.
  • Taxation benefits are available that can be incorporated into your budget.

Money Warehouse can help you with a confidential assessment of your Business Plan and the commercial loans you are looking for with the aim of maximising your opportunities. We’ll look for the best rates and the best lenders – because we know the first loan could be the start of a long relationship between you and your lender. Because of that, we will facilitate a positive and ongoing relationship between you and the finance provider.

As with any loan, it is important with Business Finance to make sure that the circumstances and specific requirements of your Business is fully considered and understood. That’s the only way to determine the most appropriate and best financial package for you.

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